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5 Ways to Save Money Heating Your Home in 2017

January 23, 2017

Are you feeling the chill this winter? Rather than simply cranking up the thermostat to stave off the freezing temperatures, try some of these handy ways you can stay warm and save money at the same time! Reducing the amount of energy you use to heat your home means lower bills, and more money in your pocket to spend on the fun things in life! From wearing an extra jumper and woolly socks to being clever about the way you configure your radiators, being energy efficient with your central heating does have to be time-consuming or tricky.

1. Layer up and get cosy

Instead of turning the heating up when it gets icy outside, if you’re trying to save money why not turn it down a degree, and add an extra layer of clothing instead? Double up on socks, make sure you own a pair of cosy slippers, and use a hot water bottle and fleecy blanket on the bed. If you’re still feeling shivery, bear in mind that most body heat is lost through the head, so wearing a hat, or a hooded top, can make a real difference to your temperature.

2. Be smart with your heating schedule

Make sure you’re only heating your home when you need it, and that you’re not shelling out on gas bills to pay to keep your house warm while you’re out at work all day. Most heating systems these days have a programmable thermostat to allow homeowners to set up schedules according to their usual routine. If you have a smart thermostat such as the Nest system, you can change your heating settings remotely using an app on your phone, and even get it to learn and adapt to any changes in your routine. Nest can tell if you’ve left the house and turn off so you’re not wasting energy and money.

3. Make sure your house is insulated properly

Every property, however well-insulated, will inevitably lose some heat through the roof, walls, doors and windows. On average, around 25% of the heat produced by your boiler will be lost through your roof, and a shocking 35% through the walls. You can slow down this heat loss by ensuring you have proper loft and cavity wall insulation. You can insulate your loft yourself quite easily, however under the government’s Affordable Warmth Obligation you may be eligible for help with the cost of insulation, and upgrading your boiler. Find out if you’re eligible here

4. Invest in technology

In addition to the Nest Learning Thermostat, there are plenty of other ways you can use modern technology to be more efficient with your heating. Using thermostatic radiator valves with individual timers and schedule settings, you can be more specific about how and when you heat your home. For example, if you work from home in an upstairs office while everyone else is out during the day, you can set your radiators to just heat that one room you’re using, rather than the entire house, make sure the bedrooms get most of the heat during the evenings, or that your kitchen is cosy ready for family mealtimes.

5. Get the best deal

One of the most obvious, and instantly effective, ways to pay less for heating your home is to make sure you’re getting the best energy prices from your supplier. What may be the best tariff for one household may not be the same for all, so shop around, check out a comparison site such as USwitch, and you could save hundreds each year.